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Welcome to my funny little world. Sometimes it's a bit sad, sometimes it's a bit mad, but I try to give you some uplifting words every day. And in amongst them I'll give you a little philosophy and celebrate just being. If you like a good bedtime story or you are just curious about your life or mine or you want to be encouraged, then come on in, the water's lovely!

Friday, 12 October 2012

More happy customers

It's Friday afteroon and I have just opened my emails to find the following: "Dear Helen, I just wanted to say thank you. I am 39 and had been trying to conceive a second child for 2.5 years, including 1 failed iui and 1 failed ivf and was at the point of throwing in the towel when I read about your ivf belief cd. Over the years I have tried everything (reflexology, acupuncture, yoga) but nothing seemed to help. I bought your cd and decided to give it one last chance and I can honestly say that it transformed my ivf experience. This time I remained calm, kept occupied with other things and stayed off the fertility forums which I found hugely stressful yet addictive. It has been a much more successful cycle resulting in 5 5-day blastocysts and I am delighted to say that I finally tested positive. I cannot recommend the ivf belief cd enough. Thank you." How lovely to have "transformed" someone's experience into something positive. I feel really humble.

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