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Welcome to my funny little world. Sometimes it's a bit sad, sometimes it's a bit mad, but I try to give you some uplifting words every day. And in amongst them I'll give you a little philosophy and celebrate just being. If you like a good bedtime story or you are just curious about your life or mine or you want to be encouraged, then come on in, the water's lovely!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

All Change - and a big change!

So much to update you on. So first, the CD referred to in the last post is now recorded and I am very proud of it too. It is about to go into production and is an absolute stormer, not only for the quality but the content is knockout and will be outstandingly good value too. It's working title is "Happy Birth Day" so far. Biggest news is that I have now finished at my school in Warwickshire and also stopped giving one to one hypnotherapy sessions in Northants and Warwickshire. I am moving house to the other end of the country and embarking on another chapter of life. I will continue to produce my CDs though and the range will slowly expand. I'll keep the blog updated :0)

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