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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Is it stress or too much to do?

Sometimes there really is too much to do in life. Which is why I am sitting here blogging about it, because I am bored with working and tidying and decided to write about it whilst putting my laptop back in my study.

Not only do I have a full-on day helping people, I then have to pick up a tired and often grumpy 3 year old from nursery. On arrival at home I have to coax him out of the car (safely) and get him into the house (safely) at which point I then have to deal with a bouncing and starving labrador. Trying to feed both 3 year old and dog without one of them imploding is a task in itself.

(Oh and add in the clearing up of dog sick at least once a week, in fact twice today)

After tea time, getting an even more tired small person bathed, teeth-brushed, toileted and into bed without ructions provides yet more fun and games.

So by 7.30 I am ready to start the rest of the day's work. Cooking a meal, clearing up, washing up, opening the post, checking emails, a bit of book-keeping, filing from the day's work and preparation for the next. Then after all that's done there is washing and house cleaning to do.

Sometimes I do wonder where I'm going wrong...


  1. Don't we all wonder the same thing Helen? I have days when I feel like this and I don't have a dog or a toddler! Because of what we do for work our prospective clients probably think we live perfectly calm and ordered lives - every day. Well, the good thing is we are actually human and that makes it easier for us to understand the dilemmas our clients face. Often there is no perfect solution, we just have to choose what works best for us and be prepared to tweak what doesnt' suit.

  2. To a point I think I do lead a calm and ordered life, it's just that there is a lot packed into it and yesterday I wanted to sit down! And I don't HAVE to do a lot of what I do but I choose to in order to lead the life I want - in a tidy and ordered, clean house, wearing clean, ironed clothes and eating freshly cooked food everyday!

    Work is particularly busy at the moment though, with lots to do that I can't fit into the working day. Plus, all the house stuff rarely fits into the working day either.

    It isn't actually chaos, it's just a lot to get through. But that's ok really. I don't actually feel stressed, thankfully. But if I did, I know someone who could help... and I know I can find here in the bathroom mirror if she's too busy at other times of the day!